Charter Service


Chartering allows you to select a flight that gets you closer to your destination, whenever you’re ready to go. As a private airline, we can better accommodate your needs and schedule. Unlike a commercial airline, we can quickly and easily accommodate changes in your schedule.


Your safety is always our highest priority. We’ve partnered with Aviation Research Group of the United States, ARGUS, to ensure that we operate to the highest standards in the industry. ARGUS is the most widely recognized confirmation of quality for charter operations. Jackson Air Charter continually strives to improve the safety of every aspect of our operation. You arrive safely at your destination on time, every time.

Pilot Stats

Jackson Air Charter, Inc. pilots have over 120 years of combined corporate, military and commercial aviation experience. All pilots in command receive annual simulator based training as well as internal company based training and are required to pass FAA check rides every six months. Our pilots are seasoned aviation professionals who have passed multiple training and safety courses. Your ride is always safe and comfortable.


Why charter a plane?

  • Time - you could spend time in an airport waiting to leave, or you could be there already. Less time at the airport means more time doing what you travel for. We can get you there and back when you need to be, in a reasonable amount of time. Less time traveling means fewer hotel stays and expenses, and more time at home.
  • Privacy—flying private means being far less visible than you would be in a crowded airport. No concerns about someone reading over your shoulder or interfering with a phone call. You can be more productive and have virtual meetings without being overheard, and keep negotiations confidential.
  • Luxury—even if you’re traveling on business, you’ll still enjoy the “luxury jet” aspect of flying on a private chartered aircraft. With more comfortable seating, you can work, sleep or just enjoy the flight.